EBC Financial Group: Championing Maternal and Child Health Through Malaria Prevention

ebc financial group against malaria

Malaria poses a grave threat during pregnancy, particularly in regions where it is endemic. The disease significantly increases the risk of complications such as anemia, fetal loss, and premature delivery, which can lead to low birth weighta major cause of infant mortality. For pregnant women, the protection against malaria is not just about their health, but also the well-being of their unborn children. In areas heavily affected by malaria, expectant mothers face increased vulnerabilities that can have long-term effects on their families. By addressing malaria, we tackle a critical barrier to safe motherhood and infant health.

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10 Sleep Game-Changers Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Know!

pregnant woman trying to sleep

Sleep is a vital component of our daily lives, and its importance is magnified during pregnancy. As an expectant mother, you’re not just sleeping for yourself but also ensuring that your developing baby gets the rest and nourishment they need. However, achieving quality sleep during pregnancy can be challenging due to various physical and emotional changes. This guide offers a comprehensive look into strategies and tips to help you sleep better during this crucial period

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