EBC Financial Group: Championing Maternal and Child Health Through Malaria Prevention

ebc financial group against malaria

Malaria poses a grave threat during pregnancy, particularly in regions where it is endemic. The disease significantly increases the risk of complications such as anemia, fetal loss, and premature delivery, which can lead to low birth weighta major cause of infant mortality. For pregnant women, the protection against malaria is not just about their health, but also the well-being of their unborn children. In areas heavily affected by malaria, expectant mothers face increased vulnerabilities that can have long-term effects on their families. By addressing malaria, we tackle a critical barrier to safe motherhood and infant health.

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Early Signs of Pregnancy: Symptoms and Sensations

early signs of pregnancy

Exploring the early signs of pregnancy, this article delves into the myriad physical and emotional changes women experience. From morning sickness to mood swings, understanding these symptoms is vital for expectant mothers embarking on their pregnancy journey, providing essential insights for a healthy and informed start.

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Is gaining weight during pregnancy normal?

is gaining weight during pregnancy normal

All women are bound to gain weight during pregnancy. Eating a well balanced diet, packed with all nutrients would suffice to feed both, the mother and the baby. A healthy woman will only need about 300 more calories per day than she would normally consume. This would help her to gain the necessary amount of weight during pregnancy. Normal healthy women should gain between 25-34 pounds during the pregnancy period. Underweight women need to gain a bit more weight during the pregnancy period. 29-39 pounds should be the target for them. Overweight women should aim at 14-23 pounds of additional …

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